10 January 2016

Getting sloshed with Port Sippers

For my birthday, my friends at Hintons Home gave me a set of four Port Sippers. I'd never seen these beasts before, but frankly, I was very excited as I love port and I love fancy glasses.

I waited until New Year's Eve to try them out. We were spending the evening at my brother's house, who, frankly, loves a good drink. So, I took them to his house with a bottle of Montaria Tawny Port from Naked Wines and brought them out with some delight after lunch. 

We were all a bit sloshed by then anyway to be honest (as you can probably tell by the quality of the photos!) and they were met with some hilarity (especially as they look a bit like some apparatus you might choose to use for illegal activities!). 

My brother had also bought a bottle of Tawny Port from Berry Bros which we ended up drinking instead of mine. So we filled up our glasses (to the top!) and off we went.

The first thing I would say is that the capacity of these glasses is quite large. And, filling them to the top was, perhaps, an error of judgement! Hence why we all got so drunk! 

The blurb said that the sippers were supposed to bring out the flavour of the Port. "By sipping port from the bottom it reduces oxidisation and greatly improves the taste of your tipple." Well, the Port was delicious, but I honestly couldn't tell you whether it tasted better or not. We were all too drunk to remember.

However, I would say it was hilarious drinking out of the little spout and, like sipping it through a straw, it slipped down rather quickly. We laughed all the way through the experiment! 

I will definitely use my Port Sippers every time I drink Port from now on. They are a bit like a kid's sippy cup, but for adults! And, I promise to do a proper taste test in the future. When I'm not so drunk. And can remember what the Port tastes like! 

The Port Sippers are available from Hintons Home online  and they also have a lovely shop in Broadstone in Dorset.

Oh, and drink sensibly and that....

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