27 January 2015

Flying to Australia with a baby - an update

We recently flew to Australia from the UK with my 12 week old baby. If you follow my blog, you'll know that I wrote a blog post about it in November as I was pretty worried about it since our little one isn't the easiest of babies. You can read the post here. Thank you to everyone who gave us advice on what we should do - your comments were really helpful.

So we survived! 

I have to say that the flight wasn't easy. Lots of people said "if you're relaxed then your baby will be relaxed." But this just wasn't the case with us. Our little one was OK for about 10 hours, but any more than that was just too long for him to be in an alien environment surrounded by noise and people. 

My son enjoying his first swim in Oz

We flew with Etihad via Abu Dhabi. And, when we got off at Abu Dhabi, a couple of people said to us "your baby was so well behaved." Well, he soon wiped the smug smile off our faces when we got back on the plane and our little one said, "nope, I'm not having any more of this!"

However, we did survive. And, I thought I would share my experiences over a couple of blog posts. We had a great holiday and I'm really glad we took the opportunity for him to meet his cousins even though the flight was a bit of a nightmare!

I hope the following blog posts will be helpful or interesting to someone reading this:
In these posts, I'm going to mention some of the products that we used as well and ones that I wish we had taken. I don't get paid to write this blog and didn't get any freebies. So these are just things that we found really useful. Also, nothing in here is advice and ultimately you should do what you feel best and is most safe for your child.

My son enjoying Christmas in Oz

Anyway, I'd be really grateful for your feedback, or if you have any other thoughts then please share them below.

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