16 June 2016

Using gNappies on holiday with a toddler

Last year, I wrote a blog post about using gNappies on holiday with a baby. We recently went to Spain, and since our little one is nearly 2, I thought I would write an update on how I found using gNappies abroad with a toddler.

We still use cloth nappies at home. But we would find it very difficult to use them on holiday due to the amount of space they would take up in the luggage, as well as storing wet nappies and washing them. So for us, gNappies are the next best thing. 
My gNappies drying in the sunshine!

Although they are not completely reusable, the outer "pant" part of the nappy is made from cotton and washable, so softer and more natural against his skin. And the disposable insert is 100% biodegradable and apparently decomposes within 50-100 days. Plus they look super cute :) 

I was concerned that we might have issues with leakage as my son drinks a lot of water and, well, it has to come out somewhere! However, we did not have a problem at all. He was pretty much dry the whole week and didn't have any issues with nappy rash or soreness.

Another great thing with gNappies is that they do up at the back (unless your husband puts them on an forgets, frequently). This means that, if you have a toddler who is prone to taking off their own nappy it's much more difficult for them to undo the Velcro tabs because they are round the back. So, in hot weather, you can have them running around in just their nappy without having to worry about it flying off.

gNappies are perfect for
toddlers that undo nappies-
fastening at the back!
We had three of the gNappies nappy covers (Good Fortune Red, Guppy Green and Gigabyte Blue) with us and a 32 pack of the disposable inserts. This easily lasted us the week with us doing a wash every other day (which we would have done anyway with our messy toddler!).

All in all, I'm a big fan of gNappies. They look really cute and, although not completely reusable, I think they are a good eco alternative for holidays. Especially if you consider that disposable nappies take 500 years to degrade in landfill and we'd have probably used 30 of them in a week which is a horrid thought.

Ps I wrote this on 16th June and they have a special offer on gNappies until 20th June, with 20% off all purchases. Use the code SUNNYSUMMER apparently.

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