13 February 2016

A Monumental sight at Salisbury Cathedral

I was walking the dog through Salisbury Cathedral close this week, when I got a bit of a surprise. A whole load of HUGE statues staring at me from around the Cathedral.
Periodically these sort of art exhibitions arrive in Salisbury and I love it. And, because I live in a bubble of looking after my son, while running the family business, I tend to be completely unaware that they are going to arrive. Like last year when a whole load of Baron statues suddenly appeared. This is similar, but with life sized Minotaurs, giant hares and hands. 

The artwork is by Sophie Ryder who likes to "work big" and create "hybrid beings" from things like old machine parts and toys, weld joins and angle grinders.

Especially, I like the piece called The Lady Hare. This is a huge wire sculpture of a hare combined with a human (apparently the artist's body). There was another wire statue that they were assembling as I walked through called the Kiss. This will straddle the North Walk and also looked pretty immense. 

Salisbury Cathedral has never looked better, especially as the sun was beaming down when I walked through. If you want to take a look, the sculptures will be on display until 3rd July.

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