24 January 2016

Taking a toddler skiing

I was quite excited to book a ski trip for 2016 as I love going and have been most years since I was little. However, the last time I went skiing, I wasn't married, I had no children and I was about a stone lighter. (Hysterically, I just re-read the blog post I wrote at the time when I complained about children and screaming babies...)  
My (then) fiance and I
in Les Coches the last
time we went skiing

With the booked ski trip now just around the corner, I have started to panic. Not only do I need to lose that aforementioned stone or none of my ski equipment is going to fit me. We also now have a one year old child.

So, weight loss aside, what do you do with a 18 month old child on a ski trip? Strap him to my back? Pull him along on a sled? Put him in front of the iPad while I drink Vin Chaude. I'm joking of course, but I hadn't really thought this through.

We are staying in Courchevel 1850 in catered accommodation booked through Powder White called "Chalet Oscar". And, we have now booked a nanny service through t4 Nanny who we were recommended to us by a friend. So, I know the basics will be looked after and at least he will be fed.

What I'm mainly worried about is as follows:
My husband drinking in jacuzzi
(last time we went skiing)

  • What clothes do I need to take for him? It'll be fairly late in the season, but presumably he will still need to be fairly wrapped up. Are the snow suits that I have from TU and Next going to be warm enough or do I need something more performance? Plus, the chalets are generally boiling, so I guess therefore I'll need quite a mix of clothing types? 
  • He is walking now, but I don't know how he will fare on the snow. Is there any point in taking the buggy? (We have a bugaboo cameleon).
  • I remember chalets being boiling at night. So presumably only a fairly lightweight sleeping bag? Or will I need the 3.5 tog?
  • What about eating out at restaurants? I know he will eat frites, so I guess he won't starve. But do ski-side restaurants have kiddy menus? But, maybe a few Ella's Kitchen pouches in my rucksack- just for safety?

I'm not sure I'll be drinking wine in the
hot tub this time I go skiing! 
Basically, I'm looking for a bit of advice!

If any of you have been skiing with a young toddler before, I'd love to hear about it. Do you have any hints and tips? Have you used t4 Nanny before? If so, perhaps you can offer some guidance about how to get the most value out of their time. And, how to prevent separation anxiety when we leave him with people he doesn't know. 

Thank you in advance for all your help!

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