4 December 2015

Back on the Baron hunt! Mini-me style!

Look out for the stickers in
Shop windows
On the Baron Trail you say? Didn't you write about this in the Summer? Ended in September no? Well, it's back! Mini-me style! 

That's right, there's currently a Christmas Baby Baron trail in Salisbury. My dog, Baxter, is slightly less excited about being dragged on this trail because it involves visiting a whole load of shops in Salisbury town centre. Whereas last time it was all outside so he got extra walkies while I searched for the Barons.

There are 27 Baby Barons in total to be found. And, if you find them all, you're in with a chance of winning a £50 shopping voucher and a Baby Baron! 

Here's the rules:

- There are 27 Baby Barons in shop windows around Salisbury. Some of them are easy to find and some of them are in disguise or hidden!
- Most of the participating retailers have a sticker in their window which lets you know they are participating. 
- Next to or near to each of the Baby Barons is a card with a letter next to a corresponding number.
- Pick up a leaflet from one of the participating retailers and enter all the letters into the puzzle to complete a phrase. 
- Once you've found them all and found the phrase, put your email address on the back of the leaflet and hand it into any participating retailer. Bingo Bango!

Pick up one of these leaflets
Once again, I could use the map to help me find the Baby Barons. But where's the fun in that? I'm hoping to stumble across them all whilst wandering around Salisbury. It's a great way to see Salisbury at Christmas and all the lovely window displays in the various independent shops in Salisbury city centre.

I'm giving away one of the locations but... The GREAT news is that one of the participating retailers is Cambridge Wine merchants so you can stop off for a bottle of your favourite festive tipple while you search for Barons. Win, win. 

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